meat export to Ukrain, Belorussia, Kazakstan, Russia, Georgia, Hong Kong, Vietnam

and other countries of Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa

Экспорт мяса на Украину, Белоруссию, Казахстан, РФ, Грузию, Гон Конг, Вьетнам,

другие страны Восточной Европы, Азии и Африки




The transport companies we are working with perfectly manage all the requirements to each destination we serve.

 That's an additional service we offer to our clients.

We also work on FCA and EXW basis.


Documents, labels


We constantly keep informed of all the current reglementations.

All the documents are confirmed by our clients before the truck or container leaves.

No departure before the final agreement of the client on the documents.  





For container deliveries (CIF) we assure the loading to secure the operation for our clients.