meat export Russia,Kazakstan,Belorussia,Uzbekistan,

Ukrain, Georgia, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa

экспорт мяса на Россию, Казахстан, Белоруссию, Узбекистан, Грузию, Украину,

страны Восточной и Центральной Европы, страны Азии и Африки




The transport companies we are working with for transport by trucks are mostly Lithuanian companies we are working with since more than 15 years. They perfectly know the important points in deliveries to our main destinations.  

We also work regularly with sea transport for container loadings. The companies we know also since a long time and we work in good harmony.

But we leave the choice for our clients to beneficiate of our transport or to deliver by their proper means. It's for them to decide, we don't impose our transport, and it's just a service that we offer to our clients.


Documents, labels

We realize the importance of the loading documents and labels when we export.  Of course we are informed of all the current reglementations, but we still check all the documents with the client before the truck or container leaves. It doesn't leave without the final agreement of the client.  


For the deliveries by truck by our transport there is CMR assurance that covers the risks.

For container deliveries (CIF) we assure the product to secure the delivery for our clients

For us it's very important.